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Elpress Academy Staff Training for Wind Power Manufacturers

Elpress Academy Staff Training Each training course has two levels: a basic education for all staff, and a training targeted at designers, supervisors and quality controllers. It is also possible to adjust the training so the content fits the needs of the company. You can also decide whether the training should be at your premises or held in Elpress' training facility.

Wind Power Manufacturers

Level 1:
Educate staff in the special demands and external conditions that apply in the manufacture of wind turbines. The education concerns;

• Management of tools
• Safety in use
• Work procedure
• Preventative maintenance in daily production
• Elpress Dual-technology
• Quality inspection

The training consists of a theoretical and a practical part and ends with a written test. Course participants will receive certificate after completed education.

Level 2:
Education aimed primarily at supervisors, engineers and designers and quality departments. Provides a thorough knowledge of the selection of tools and management, problems and solutions and quality assessment. Completed training gives a certified authorization in the field.

A follow up of the certificates is necessary.

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